Nathan Bickett

Coordinator of Undergraduate
Academic Advising and
Student Services
Founders Hall, 827 West Franklin Street, Rm 301

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)  member


Master of Public Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University: Graduated December 2011

BS in Urban and Regional Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University: Graduated December 2008


Nathan began his career in academic advising and administration working with Political Science students while completing a Master of Public Administration degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. During Nathan’s time as Graduate Student-Academic Advisor, they came into a broad expertise training new advisors, and advising and facilitating student success throughout degree completion and student development in the VCU Political Science curriculum.

Before accepting a position with the Political Science program, Nathan worked at the VCU Transfer Center as a Transfer Advisor. Nathan’s experience as at the Transfer Center afforded them a more holistic training and experience in strategic student engagement. Nathan has worked with an impressive and highly diverse population of students, faculty and administrators throughout VCU and the Virginia Community College System. Nathan has attended enriching professional advising trainings and NACADA online seminars, all of which has contributed to fruitful work and insight into proactive student services and program development.

Before coming into his current role, Nathan helped develop and coordinate undergraduate academic advising and student services for the Political Science program. Nathan is elated to have joined the Political Science program as the Coordinator of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Student Services.


SPECIALIZATION: Advising & Critical Student Engagement

Nathan has been advising Political Science students since 2010, and specializes in student advocacy, strategic student engagement, and student-success planning for returning, non-traditional and transfer students in both the Political Science curriculum and throughout the University.

Nathan’s academic interests lie in theories of governance and political and administrative theory.