Political Science Minors

Students can choose one of three political science minors, each requiring 18 credit hours.

Our minors emphasize the valuable skills and analytical capabilities needed for professional work in a variety of government, nonprofit sector and public sector careers. They also prepare students for graduate study in political science, law, public administration and public policy.

Minor offerings

Political Science

Students are required to take POLI 103 (U.S. Government) and POLI 105 (International Relations), and 12 upper-level credits in four of seven political science concentrations. 

Nonprofit Management and Administration

Students are required to take POLI 370 (Foundations of Nonprofit Management), POLI 372 (Ethics, Law and Governance) and POLI 374 (Financial Management for Nonprofits), as well as three elective courses.

Public Management

Students must take POLI 310 (Public Policy), POLI 322 (State and Local Politics and Government) and POLI 331 (Public Administration), as well as three electives.