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Tackle the big questions about your community, your country and the world.

Political science is the study of governance and power: who has it, who seeks it, how and why some are excluded from it.

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The economic value of a political science degree is among the highest of all undergraduate majors. Political Science ranks 13th out of 83 majors in median lifetime earnings, and ranks 2nd in the social sciences in median annual salary.

Political Science at VCU

Our B.A. in Political Science is designed to provide a foundation in knowledge of politics and government, and to train students how to conduct research.

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At a March 13 forum, VCU political science professors Alex Keena, Allie Reckendorf and John Aughenbaugh (from left to right) pointed to voter turnout – and mobilizing party bases – as keys to whether President Joe Biden wins a second consecutive term or Donald Trump returns to the White House. (Thomas Kojcsich, Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

March 15, 2024

At presidential election forum, VCU political analysts frame Biden-Trump rematch in familiar terms

‘Civil Discourse’ event featured professors John Aughenbaugh, Alex Keena and Allie Reckendorf, who emphasize voter turnout and party mobilization.

The Supreme Court ruled that states cannot remove Donald Trump from this year’s presidential ballot for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attacks on the U.S. Capitol. (Getty Images)

March 4, 2024

What does the Supreme Court’s latest ruling mean for the 2024 presidential election and beyond? VCU analyst offers insight

Political science professor John Aughenbaugh frames the details and ramifications.


Feb. 28, 2024

Ahead of – and after – Super Tuesday, VCU political science experts offer insight into presidential race

They highlight aspects of Biden-Trump battle to watch in Virginia and elsewhere on March 5, and ‘Civil Discourse’ forum a week later will provide more context.

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