Deirdre Condit

Deirdre Condit, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
827 West Franklin Street (Founder's Hall) Room 213


Deirdre Condit is an associate professor of political science in the College of Humanities and Sciences at VCU. She received her bachelor’s degree from her hometown university, Idaho State; completed 76 graduate hours in Political Science at Portland State University; and then went on to complete her MA and PhD in Political Science from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

As a feminist political theorist, her research interests engage work in the areas of women and politics, the politics of reproductive and genetic technologies, maternal political theory, sex and gender identity, and the nexus between complexity theory and trans-corporeality.  Her interdisciplinary interests span and integrate studies in political theory, feminist theory, law, and public policy.  She has recently joined the national academic conversation concerning online education with a recently published e-book chapter titled “Beyond College in a Can: Teaching with Integrity and the Problem of Online Academia.” She is one of five co-editors of the newly developed, Sage journal, Sexuality, Media, and Society.

In addition to her current work on Sophocles’ Antigone, Dr. Condit has published several articles in some of the top journals in her interdisciplinary fields, including Sex Roles, Rhetoric and Public Affairs,The Journal of Medical Humanities, Policy Sciences, Women and Politics, and The American Review of Public Administration, and several book chapters and monographs in a variety of disciplines, as well.  She was recently featured in a CSPAN-3 installment of the American History series (available at: and in the 2009 documentary, Pink State Politics. She is a regular contributor to numerous local and regional media organizations, providing political commentary and analysis, particularly on issues related to women and politics. She teaches courses across the field of political theory, women and politics, women and the law, and the Senior Capstone course in political science.  She identifies as both a full-time working mother and full-time mothering worker!


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