Herbert Hirsch, Ph.D.

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Dr. Herbert Hirsch, Professor in the Department of Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where he teaches courses on United States Politics, political psychology, and the politics of war, violence and genocide with a focus on The Holocaust and human rights..   He is the author of several books and numerous articles and book reviews, including Genocide and the Politics of Memory (1995), and Anti-Genocide:  Building an American Movement to Prevent Genocide (2002). He serves on a number of advisory boards and teaches a course every summer at the University of Toronto on Genocide and Human Rights sponsored by the Zoryan Institute. He gave a seminar for the policy planning staff at the U.S. Department of State in 1992 [they did not listen] and has lectured in Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Brazil.  Dr. Hirsch was selected as one of 30 scholars to participate in the Goldner Symposium on Post-Holocaust Ethics at Wroxton College in Oxfordshire, England.  He is also one of twenty two scholars whose autobiography is included in a book called, Pioneers in Genocide Studies: Confronting Mass Death in the Century of Genocide.    He addressed the Fourth International Stockholm Forum on Genocide Prevention and presented a working paper to that group.

Professor Hirsch is one of the co-editors of the new journal, Genocide Studies International published by the University of Toronto Press. Dr. Hirsch is now working on a book:  Dirty Hands and Vicious Deeds: The U.S. Government’s Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide.



Poverty and Politicization: Political Socialization in an American Sub-Culture
(New York: The Free Press, 1971.)

Comparative Legislative Systems: A reader in Theory and Research
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Violence as Politics: A Series of Original Essays
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Genocide and the Politics of Memory: Studying Death to Preserve Life.
University of North Carolina Press, April, 1995. Nominated for the following prizes:

  1. The Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, given by the University of Louisville.
  2. The Ralph Waldo Emerson Award given by Phi Beta Kappa.
  3. The PIOOM Award on Human Rights given by the PIOOM Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands.
  4. The Bruno Brand Book Award given by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, New York.
  5.  The Virginia College Stores Book Award given by the Virginia College Books Stores Association.
  6. The Christopher Awards, New York.

Anti-Genocide: Building a Movement to Prevent Genocide. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger Publishers. 2002.

Edited Genocide Studies and Prevention which is more than the equivalent of editing a book a year.


Coordinating Editor of  Genocide Studies International