Student spotlights

Student editors publish Volume 3 of The Ramerican Political Science Review

October 17, 2018

Cover of volume 3 of RamericanThe Department of Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University is proud to present Volume 3 of The Ramerican Political Science Review. This journal presents some of the best undergraduate work produced by students during the 2017-18 academic year.

The journal, edited by students Madeline Doane, Thomas Kipp and Sneha Krish, features work across political science disciplines, using a range of methodologies:

  • This calendar year began with a Winter Olympics that saw North and South Korean players skating together as one team; the historic event renewed interest in the prospect of Korean reunification across the globe. Hayne Noh explores this possibility and asks what the economic consequences of such an outcome might be.
  • Katilyn Thomas and Thomas Fratkin take an international perspective in looking at issues facing women in the twenty-first century. Thomas’ article investigates whether the promotion of gender equality can decrease instances of sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers abroad. Fratkins’ article continues a long lineage of scholarly research that studies the potential impact that gender equality concerning access to education might have on a country’s economic development.
  • We shift our attention back home, focusing on the 17-year War on Terror, through the work of Saffeya Ahmed and Kevin Breiner. Ahmed’s article highlights biased media framing of terrorist attacks based on the perpetrator’s identity, while Breiner’s compels us to consider whether the increased scope of presidential authority when conducting drone strikes has violated the U.S. Constitution.
  • And Maryum Elnasseh evaluates archived sources and contemporary data to better contextualize accusations of intentional racial discrimination when Congress began waging the War on Drugs.

To read Volume 3 of The Ramerican Political Science Review in its entirety, please contact Dr. Alexandra Reckendorf at for a PDF version.