We love to hear about the awesome things our POLI alumni are up to, so don’t be strangers!  If you’ve moved or changed email addresses (or if you’ve never received any communications from us) please update your contact information at this link.

Whether you want to talk about the current state of American and global politics, or you want to brag about the promotion you just got, or you want to help mentor our current students, we really want you to feel like you’re a part of our VCU POLI community!

  • Participate in a panel about your career field (i.e. government, non-profits, law, INGOs, etc.)
  • Internships: We have an enthusiastic student body, always in search of internships, and we don’t always know where to steer them; if you’re looking for interns, please let us know by submitting your opportunities using this VCU POLI Intern Request Form.
  • Mentor-Mentee Opportunities: Volunteer to be a mentor or ask to be paired up with somebody who can mentor you!  POLI is pairing up established professionals who work within government, non-profits, etc. with our current students and recent POLI graduates.  This is your chance to pay it forward, by helping our students grow into their full potential!
    If you want to be a mentor please submit this Mentor Sign-Up Form.
    If you are a recent graduate who is still looking for a mentor, please submit this Mentee Sign-Up Form.


Please consider joining the newly chartered VCU Alumni’s Political Science Alumni Society.  For more information, please visit our Facebook page or contact Steven Burkarth at

If you have questions about any of these opportunities and programs, please email Dr. Allie Reckendorf (