November 2018: Giving Tuesday

August 16, 2018

POLI is excited to announce that an upcoming Civil Rights Movement class trip through parts of the Deep South has been selected as one of the featured projects for VCU College of Humanities & Sciences’ new Giving Tuesday campaign!

Through a transformative experiential learning course, students will engage not only in the cognitive components of learning, but also the affective components of learning—they will feel the weight of oppression and they will feel rejoiced in moments of triumph. Students will better respect the struggles of those who came before them, and they will better understand how the African American struggle for identity, dignity, rights and liberties in the past relates to continued racial discrimination and racial prejudices today. Students will read the speeches of MLK right where he delivered them and read court decisions at the very buildings they were passed down. Students will trek across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, wander the halls of Little Rock Central High School, pay their respects to martyrs of the movement and sign their names to the Wall of Tolerance at the Civil Rights Memorial Center.

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