Ravi Perry was recently elected President of the Association of Ethnic Studies, where he serves also as editor of the Ethnic Studies Review.

Professor Faedah Totah recently published Preserving the Old City of Damascus with Syracuse University Press. One reviewer says that Professor Totah’s book is “a rich, personal, ethnographic account of the gentrification of one of the world’s oldest cities. Totah narrates with passion the local processes involved in the city’s current place making efforts and unlocks the secrets of what she terms the divine protection of its heritage.”

Professor Herb Hirsch recently launched a new scholarly journal, Genocide Studies International. GSI is a forum for the academic study and understanding of the phenomenon of genocide and gross violations of human rights as well as various approaches to preventing them. It strives to raise awareness of the necessity of genocide prevention and the promotion of universal human rights. It serves as a critical voice for analyzing governmental and supra-governmental efforts in the prevention of genocide.

Professor Jason Arnold recently published Secrecy in the Sunshine Era: The Promise and Failures of U.S. Open Government Laws with the University Press of Kansas. One reviewer says that Professor Arnold’s book is “a powerful analysis of the unanticipated consequences of sunshine era legislation, from Reagan-Bush through Obama-Biden, a must-read for anyone interested in current debates about transparency and accountability.”