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Douglas Kimemia


Douglas Kimemia who is a native of Kenya earned his MA Religious Studies at Memphis Theological Seminary, received his PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University. He specializes in the public and nonprofit management, with a focus on political reforms, civil society, and impacts of social cleavages on democratization process in Africa.

Douglas has authored several articles on organizational culture and its impact on the nonprofit sector in Kenya; perception of corruption in Kenya, and women representation and engagement in politics in Kenya. I am currently working on a book which examines impacts of politics of identity and multiparty politics in Africa.

In 2013, I was an associate editor of Global Studies Journal. I reviewed articles for volume 6 issue one. In summer 2011, I had a fellowship on analyzing higher education institutions offering non-profit related programs. We made recommendations to the steering committee on how to set a Center for Non-profit studies, Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2007, I received an award on ecumenism.


Developing anti-corruption models for the developing countries, organizational behavior of nonprofit organizations, ethics and Governance, public sector reforms and democratic accountability. Studying develop models that address socio-economic and political imbalance between both the developing and developed nations.


African Government and Politics
Comparative Politics
Nonprofit Organizations and Society
Financial Management for Nonprofit
Ethics, Law and Governance for Nonprofit
International Organizations and Institutions